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We offer a diverse range of products that make a difference to a number of industries. From industrial cleaners to coatings, and water solutions; we are constantly working to ensure our products and services are deserving of our customers' trust.

Graphic Arts Products

Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
CD0091CD-91Coating thinner and printer clean up.Printing and graphic arts.
SS0240-BE-240This wash is milder than E-120, and can be used straight on rollers without harm. Rinse with water.Printing and graphic arts.
SS0248Adhesive RemoverFast-evaporating and aggressive, this cleaner rids your rollers of excess adhesive buildup.Printing and graphic arts.
SS0310Anilox DeluxeAnilox roller wash and printer clean up.Printing and graphic arts.
SS0533Type WashHAPs Free and Low VOC, this type wash cleans the plate and can be used for general cleaning.Printing and graphic arts.
SS0736Screen wash/Ink Degradent-BRemoves ink from the screen but does not attack the meshPrinting and graphic arts.
SS0738Emulsion RemoverA water-based reclaimer, can be sprayed on and scrubbed, as is the standard practice.Printing and graphic arts.
SS0813E-120 This water-miscible wash is our best-seller; the safe, robust wash does not attack rollers or plates.Printing and graphic arts.
SS2000Blanket WashOur non-water miscible wash, SS 2000 is ideal for smaller presses and general cleanup.Printing and graphic arts.

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